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181 Fourteenth Street NE, Atlanta, GA 30309

The office is located on 14th St, between Peachtree St. and Piedmont Park. The W Hotel is directly across the street from the complex.

The complex is called The Mayfair. Our building is the Mayfair Royal. If you are coming from Peachtree St, the complex will be on your RIGHT. Turn into the courtyard and follow the ramp in the middle to go down into the parking. When you reach the gate, enter 3211 into the call box, and the gate will open.

Take 3 right turns. You will pass an elevator shaft. That is the elevator to our building and my office. After you have taken 3 right turns, look for the last 3 spaces in the row of cars, #63 and #64. Those are reserved for you at the time of your appointment. If they are full, you could wait a moment and the previous patient will move. Or you can go around and park in GUEST spaces.  Please be considerate of fellow patients, as parking space is limited.

Go to the elevator you originally passed and come to the 4th floor suite 450.  If your appointment is scheduled for 6pm or later, the doors will automatically lock.  Call our office and I will meet you when I'm finished with the previous patient.

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